Manchester Craft Market - Small Business, Big Impact

1500 S. Willow St. Manchester, Nh 03103

Jessica Moores began the Manchester Craft Market in 2016 with 20 local makers set up weekly in an empty storefront at the Mall of New Hampshire. Since then, she has created an award-winning community of New England-area makers and small businesses by providing them with a place to display, advertise, and sell their locally-made items outside of typical craft fairs. Moores continues to lead the way for local gift shops with her online extensions of the store, via a supportive seller community and an interactive online shopping group that has grown to over 16,000 followers.

In 2017, Moores transitioned from tables in an empty storefront to the old pet shop in the Mall of NH. When asked "What will you do with the pet cages?", she didn't hesitate to exclaim that she would be removing the glass fronts to use them as lit-display "cubbies". It was one of the most unique features of the store, especially since the budget-conscious Moores, who began this journey with 17¢ and a whole lot of hope, would regularly search the side of the road for pieces to be used as displays... even trading her retail merchandising background with other small businesses in exchange for unused display pieces. Customers loved this "weekends only" pop-up and begged for it to stay.

In 2019, after a wildly successful first 2 years, and being featured on NH Chronicle, Moores set her sights on the 3,900 square foot space next door in the Mall of NH, doubling the space available to local artisans to sell their goods.

World events in 2020 closed many local businesses, but the Manchester Craft Market pivoted and harnessed its engaged Facebook group to begin offering weekly online "Facebook Live Sales" and curbside pickup options. Moores waived fees for makers and kept providing income to local businesses while craft fairs were cancelled. The Manchester Craft Market and its community grew together, keeping millions of dollars in the local economy during difficult times.

In September 2023, the Manchester Craft Market moved into its current location at the Mall of NH, between Ulta and Macy's. The floor space again doubled, and this allowed the Manchester Craft Market to begin offering crafting classes and workshops!

Since 2017 the Manchester Craft Market has won multiple state, city, community-wide "Best Of" awards for best locally-made products, best boutique shop, most fun shopping experience, best place to buy last minute gifts, and more.