MCM Holiday Season 2020-2021 Application and Terms

Please upload 3 pictures of the items you wish to sell at MCM for the jury process (jpg, png, gif, pdf). If you have difficulty uploading your images, you may need to make them smaller...try sending them to yourself in a Facebook Message then saving them from there, or use an app or website to make them smaller.*

Manchester Craft Market Store Information and Contract October 2020-January 2021

The Manchester Craft Market is located in the Dick’s Sporting Goods wing of the Mall of New Hampshire, in our very own storefront. During the Oct-Jan season, the store will be open All Mall hours and extended mall hours. Your digital signature on your application acknowledges that you have read ALL of the rules laid out below and agree to them.

Lease: For October 2020 – January 2021, leases are a 4 month commitment. With January spaces being a slightly lower rate than October- December. After the 4 month commitment all contracts revert to month to month. I do ask to be notified by January 1st if you will be staying for February so that I can book February spaces if need be.
All invoices are due to be paid by the 15th of the month prior. I send invoices through paypal If you choose to pay via check, or prepay please send a gentle reminder for me to cancel your invoice.

o October rent invoices will go out 9/1 and be due by 9/15,

o November invoices will go out 10/1 and be due by 10/15

o December invoices will go out 11/1 and will be due by 11/15

o January Invoices will go out 12/1 and be due by 12/15

A $20 late fee will be charged after the 15th day. If you have not notified the Manchester Craft Market that you will be vacating your space at the End of January prior to the 15th, it will be assumed that you are staying and you will be expected to pay your next invoice and will become a month to month tenant.

You are required to remove your items prior to the end of the day on the last day of the month of your lease. Items left for 30 days past your lease become store property.

In addition to your space rental cost, credit card fees are deducted from any sales paid via credit card at 3%. And The Manchester Craft Market will retain 5% of any sales over $200 in one consecutive month.

Rules and Requirements:

• All sellers are required to provide a W9 form. Available from the IRS website (Google search W9 form) or in store. Any seller who receives $600+ in payments during a calendar year will receive a 1099 form that reports their earnings to the IRS.

• No Copyrighted, knock-off or Trademarked items whatsoever. (ie: no characters, or sports team logos) Any violating items will be removed and a $25 charge will be assessed per item, after 2 chances your items will be returned to you and your lease terminated, with no refunds. (If you are unsure if an item will be allowed, please contact with a photo of the item in question.)

• Your space must be returned in the condition it was received in. This includes all hardware being put away in its proper home, and the space being clean.

• You will only have your handmade items in your space. And only the items included on your Inventory sheet and item types that you were juried for.

• All vendors will be given a vendor ID # that is 3 digits long. Please know your vendor ID #. You will enter your inventory electronically (please see the Sample Inventory Form), and must have your SKU (vendor ID plus item number) and price labeled on every item. Please keep track of your SKUs so that each different item has a different SKU (multiple quantities of the same item can have the same SKU as long as the price is the same!) (If you are able to create barcodes using free barcode generating software, or label printers that is greatly appreciated as we are slowly rolling out a barcode feature to speed up the checkout process)

• We do not offer refunds under ANY circumstances. This includes refunds on your items, and booth rent. However, should a customer request a refund, they will be given your contact information for you to provide them with customer service as you see fit.

• Inventory is added to the store with the understanding that The Manchester Craft Market is not held liable for any loss, theft or breakage of items, or displays.

Re-stocking: I will gladly restock your items throughout the month. The restock items must be included on your Emailed inventory spread-sheet and be in a tote with your name VENDOR ID and business clearly legible. You should ALWAYS have additional stock in a box in the back so that you do not miss out on sales between restock days and sales reports.

• Currently restocks can be done any time during store hours (M-Sa 11-7, Sun 12-6). This may change in the future as mall hours change and the change will be posted on the vendors group and amended in this information. I reserve the right to adjust your display due to sell through, or to make it more visually appealing. The Inventory system will only be updated on Friday Mornings, meaning all inventory updates for inventory coming in on Friday or Saturday morning must be received by Thursday at 8pm. (This can, and may change due to social distancing procedures.)

• You will be notified weekly of what has sold. Plan your merchandise levels accordingly. It is absolutely possible that you sell out of an item on a Wednesday, and will not get a sales report until the following Tuesday. Having ample Backstock available in a labeled, sealed container in the back room ensures we are able to continuously keep your space full and your items selling.

• Any pre-paid rent will not be refunded for breaking your lease early.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do I go for restocking/load in? We have a Back Entrance to be used for all “Deliveries” You can access the back door through a service corridor. When Looking at Red Robin, Turn to your left, there is a fenced in area with dumpsters. In the corner of that fenced in area there is a smaller fenced in area with a single door, enter this single door, follow the hallway to the end. You will find our door (marked with a sign) just before the last door in the hallway. Every Friday and Saturday from 9am-10am will be “restock time” where you can re-arrange your space, and restock items. All items in your restock bin must be listed in your inventory. Should this entrance be blocked by snow or locked, the next best entrance is around the corner from Dicks sporting goods, just to the right of Olympia Sports through the “employee entrance”

Copyright restrictions: “I’ve done lots of craft fairs where I have sold items inspired by licensed characters, why do you not allow items with licensed characters, movies, TV shows or sports teams to be displayed at your store?” There are many reasons that licensed items are not allowed in our store, however the biggest reason is that it is specifically forbidden in the lease with the mall. There are lots of stores in the mall paying large sums of money to have the right to sell those licensed items and the mall is protecting the interests of those parties by not allowing the sale of licensed/copyright items in our store.

I’ve read that the First Sale Doctrine allows me to use fabrics, stickers, and other already-printed licensed items in items I sell. Why am I unable to sell those items in your store? This is a very gray area. There is a lot of info on the internet about how the First Sale Doctrine allows you to make things with licensed items you purchase for that purpose (fabric, stickers, etc) to sell, some stating that you should include a disclaimer, etc. While this information may be valid in some circumstances, it is also disputed by some legal professionals and it is the position of Manchester Craft Market that in order to stay within the confines of the contract with the mall, that those items should also be excluded to prevent any potential conflict with mall management Inventory

Can I just give you a handwritten inventory list instead of entering it into the form? The form that we have set up for inventory entry is easy enough for a child to use! With as many vendors as we have, some with hundreds of items, we cannot continue to key each of these items ourselves. The information below is vital and MUST be filled in correctly or your list will be returned to you. Any handwritten inventory sheets will be charged a $10 data entry charge. Item Name SKU Price Quantity New Item or Item Already in Inventory System It is essential that each of these pieces of information is sent in, and LABELED on each and every item you bring to the store. Going forward, you will not be allowed to set up your items until it is confirmed that inventory has been received and checked over.

Where do I get the SKUs for my items? Your item SKU is made up of 2 things…your Vendor ID and a 4 digit item code. For example, if your Vendor ID is 110, your first item might be 1101001, and your second 1101002, etc. The 4 digit code you use is completely up to you, however you must keep track of your codes so that you can include them if you add quantity of existing items and so that you do not duplicate numbers. Please keep track of the numbers you assign to your items.

• I have some new items I’d like to add to my booth mid-month, can I do that? Inventory additions and adjustments must be keyed in no later than Thursday at 8 p.m. for that coming weekend, so be sure to get the items in the system or you will be asked to hold off until the following week.

• Do you put the price tags on my items? No Sellers are required to label all of their items with a sku and price prior to bringing them into the store.

Store Questions

• I came in to check on my display and some of my items have been rearranged. Can you tell me why that might be? As stated in the contract, the owner reserves the right to rearrange merchandise as necessary to help facilitate sale of your items, if they are impeding another vendor’s ability to use his or her space, or to rotate the floorplan.

• What do I do when my lease is up? All items must be removed prior to close on the last day of the month. Please plan accordingly. Items left beyond the end of your lease term will become property of the store after 30 days.

• When will I be Paid? Checks will go out by the 15th of the following month. PayPal payments may be available sooner.

• Can you roll my sales over to pay for the next month’s rent? No

• How will I know if I sold anything? Reports will be sent weekly to those who have sold items during the previous week.

• Are there any additional fees?

    - There is a 3% credit card processing fee for credit card sales.

    - The Manchester Craft Market will retain 5% of any sales over $200 in one consecutive month. (ex: Vendor sells $600 in October. $497 in credit card sales and $103 cash sales. For a total of $585.09 after credit card fees. 5% is taken from $385.09 as that is the amount sold over the $200 threshold. The vendor is now paid $565.84 and has paid the Manchester Craft Market A commission of $19.25)

    - Any handwritten or printed inventory sheets will be charged a $10 data entry charge.

    - Any items violating the no characters/no sports teams rule will be charged $25/item, after 2 chances, your lease will be terminated, and no refunds will be granted.

    - Rent not paid by the 15th of the prior month will be assessed a $20 late charge.

I Understand, and Agree to all of the terms of the Manchester Craft Market

I understand that my contract is month to month and is only valid during the February-September off season, and that a new agreement will be made to cover the holiday season should I wish to remain a seller at the Manchester craft market.